Monday, March 1, 2010

Duo Saves the Day

{bigBANG Gets an Aussie Makeover}

I have a new header! Woot-woot! Thanks to all your *much-appreciated* input and offers (make it thinner, keep some paint in the picture, go with a modern, simple type) it was a piece of cake for Brigitta, design scout and graphic designer extraordinaire, to put together a perfect new header that encompasses what bigBANG is all about: mostly painting, some gardening and cooking, and a little newlywedding in the desert.

Brigitta has a refreshingly original, perfectly hip blog called Duo that's all about sustainable living, and she features some highly covetable organic wears like this. Of course she does; she's Australian (why always so hip, those Australians?). And it's break-of-day new, so check it out and become a follower to support Brigitta's new endeavor. Go Brigitta! See Duo here.  
And psst...if you're hankering for some blog or site design help, email her at!

Now that bigBANG is looking spiffy, I'm hoping to give the rest of my life a much-needed spring cleaning. My darling P. is home and life is much improved from the helter-skeltering of the past two weeks. I have emerged from bag ladydom mostly unscathed.

Now I'm very much looking forward to:

1. You checking out Duo;
2. My paintings drying by Thursday, which is when we hang the show;
3. Friday night, when my sis flies in from San Franpsycho for the weekend;
4. Catching up on blog reading. I have been a terrible reader these past two weeks. Please forgive.

Hope you have a very good MONDAY, cherubs. I am back.


  1. congrats on the new header. i've been following duo for a few weeks now - i love her spreading the eco love. i also love this photo. kicking back on that sunny porch would feel heavenly to me right now amidst new york's slush.

  2. welcome back, love ... with your spiffy new header ... NICE!
    take your time, though ...
    kick back and bask as you still have a full weekend ahead ...
    hee hee ... sorry, just rereading San FranPSYCHO ... *chortle*
    and definitely off to visit duo ...
    march on,
    prairiegirl xo

  3. very lovely indeed!! love duo.

    {by the way, starting a little project over on my blog...would be thrilled if you participated!}

  4. Marvelous new glad you kept the paints involved!

  5. Thanks gals! Isn't Brigitta the bomb? But it was a group effort- I'm so grateful for the help and input from all of YOU, too! xoxo.

  6. thank you all so much!
    Lily is a blast to work with btw, so if you get the chance, take it.


  7. It looks wonderful, wonderful!

    I WANT to come to your show. I want to I want to I do. Blow those paintings some milky smooches for me.

  8. relevantly: the header is good stuff. The whole site, it is quite spiffed.
    irrelevantly: I bought this book online, and it had a map on the back.
    I love a good windmill/big-red-barn combo, but that is not what made me think of you. :)

  9. oooooo I love the look Lily!!! Very very nice!! This blog of yours makes me happy!! XO

  10. Very nice, the new header. Love the font. Oh all right, you've emerged from your bagladydom, but I've retreated into it for that's when painting gets done as you know. But my time will come to spiffy myself time will come...

  11. Love the new header and Duo! This photo is pretty rad too!! Glad to hear you survived bag ladydom! XO


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