Thursday, March 11, 2010

Because of the Rain

{A Little Moisture Goes a Long Way In the Desert}

Because of the rain we are experiencing a sudden strangulation of mint.

And a patina of rust.

And a profusion of lavender, which sways and nods in the morning wind awaiting the resident grist of honeybees.*

And which ends up on P's bedside table, with a sprig of sweet william, in a spice bottle that still smells faintly of ground nutmeg. Because no matter what he tells you, a husband appreciates a bedside posy.

*See right sidebar under Terms of Venery. A group of bees is commonly known as a hive or a swarm, and less commonly but perhaps more delightfully, as a flight or a grist.

From now on I'll take my honeybees in grists, thank you very much.


  1. Me, too. Grist sounds much more interesting.

    Love that bedside posy. I decorate Todd's desk in much the same way. How can we resist?

    Hugs to you, lovely friend.


  2. Reading this post, I was transported to the garden inhabitants I dream of!

  3. Our mint is furiously taking over right now. I put the mint and the rosemary on different sides of the same planter but they've both decided they prefer the same side and now it's a battle to the death. I'm putting money on the mint, but the rosemary is definitely hanging in there.

  4. ooh! lavendar! i've been wanting to go to a field of lavendar to take photos and have a writing picnic...if i'm lucky i'll hear a grist of bees nearby.
    lovely, lovely, post!

  5. Lily.... these photos... oh my!! I might just have to ask for a print... maybe we can do a mail swap or something!! I love mint, love love!! Sending you much love today! XO

  6. I am infinitely filled with desire to be your neighbor!! I imagine myself living in your world. These pictures are amazing!

  7. Go read or reread 100 Years of Solitude. It's perfect for rain and after the rain. And it's good for art.


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