Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank You

{You're a Really Good Friend}

Thank you for all the encouraging, generous, enthusiastic comments and emails over the past week. I've never met most of you, and just recently became aware that my in-laws have been reading bigBANG (hi guys!), as well as the darling owners of my mom's fave place to stay in the desert. As abstract as this whole social world of blogging is, there is a very nurturing camaraderie here that has truly surprised and inspired me. I was cynical, unsure, when I first started tapping out little posts in the beginning, but now I treasure the community I've found here. Yes, here, on the internets. With complete strangers.

So thanks for being so supportive, helpful, and amusing. You're a really good friend.

Here's a virtual toast to you, desert-style (read: Belgian lambic in the back of a pickup truck). Cheers. And thanks for reading.


  1. yum thanks! and the dog seems to agree :-)

  2. I echo everything you just said. What a treat to have stumbled upon this world. And, like you, I'm discovering that people I've known for a very long time are reading my blog now, too, which adds interesting new layers to our relationships. I hadn't expected this.

    Warm thought and big hugs,

  3. Lily.... I am going to meet you in person one day!! You show so much support and encouragement on my little blog... so thank you!! Oh and Lambic Framboise is my all time favorite drink... good choice!! Sending you much love!! xo

  4. Good choice, Lambic Framboise .. delicious indeed. Thank you right back your way, its been a joy to have crossed paths with you in this crazy wide virtual world. Stop by for some home made ice cream next time you find yourself in southern Europe.

  5. Cynicism most of the time, stop us from really getting where we need to go, or to share a smile or a good gesture towards people. I am glad that this argument within yourself and myself and everybody here, didn't stop us from moving forward and just give a try to reach out to unknown fellows, and search for the deep soul interests and things in common we might enjoy and treasure.

    Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog. Hopefully one day I will be honored to be in one of your openings....

    Cheers from the Peachland!!!!

  6. Cheers (with my hot cocoa, and Bailey's)! I echo your comments as well. There are so many negative things out her in the virtual world. But this blogging community has really been a special experience for me. It's always been so positive and inspiring. I so enjoy visiting you!

  7. I feel exactly the same way, I made a blog because I sit at a computer 40 hours a week for work. I love it, I've made friends I've never met!
    Thank you for your sweet sweet comment! It totally made my day :)

  8. thank YOU, lily, for your lovely posts, which i always count on for inspiration.


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