Thursday, February 11, 2010

Question/ Help

{Dragging My Feet}

After writing about the Padre Hotel's face-lift perhaps now is the time to address another sumsing in dire need of aesthetic improvement: my pathetic blog header. The one directly above, with the paintbrushes and the off-center text. Representing my work with this header is like wearing a Laura Ashley jumper to pageant tryouts. You may think it's fine, or you may think it's bootleg, but either way, I am *really* sick of it. Well then do something about it, you say.

But I have a confession to make: I don't have Photoshop. I know, an artist without Photoshop is like a chef without knives. So lame. But I don't have it, and therefore I am at the mercy of the limited options blogger provides as far as headers and typeface go.

Any suggestions? Even better: anyone with mad Photoshop skills want to do a trade? An updated header for an archival print of one of my paintings, perhaps? A papercut of your pooch? Homemade rosemary-kumquat jam? Think about it. So many of you are such talented typefacey design mavens.

I'm just looking for something a little more, er, professional, since bigBANG is, after all, one of the ways I get my paintings out there. (Case in point: two paintings from my Bakersfield show just sold (yippee!) because a *delightful, desert-loving, art-collecting* stranger came across my blog and saw them posted here. So you just never know.) Therefore it's time to make bigBANG just a little more...presentable.

Something simple, like this. That reflects what bigBANG is about: Mostly painting. Some cooking. And newlywedding in the desert. With occasional random animal facts and unclever wordsmithery. And I'm going to lose the silly "progress reports from my office to yours" tag-line. Any ideas?

Anyone? Bueller?


  1. I don't have photoshop either... wish I could help you here... xo!

  2. I'm kicking myself right now because I'm no good at graphic design, but I so much want one of your prints! You could maybe use one of your paintings as the header background? By the way, Laura Ashley comparison = hilarious! xo

  3. thanks for your comment - you have a talent for brightening up my cluttered, work-drowned life! :)

    i have photoshop! but i definitely don't have mad skills. however, if you give me a series of images that represent what you want, i can give it a go. and i'll edit and edit and edit till i get the effect you want. and i'll do it for free cuz i like your style. :)

  4. by the way, if ya wanna do it yourself, you can download the 30-day photoshop trial from adobe's website. that's what i did prior to buying the software.

  5. oh Lily! I never even noticed your title was "not as it should"! and I've always loved the image of the brush with paints. but it is your site. and one must put one's best foot forward. you'll have noticed that i don't use a picture in the header either being myself technically challenged. (so weird, you'd think they'd fix that, wouldn't you?)

    one of my short term ambitions lately is to figure out photo shop but probably not in time for you. congrats though on the painting sales!

    if you find some genius to help you out, send them over to me after.....tell them i can offer a really good vegetarian jiao-tze recipe in exchange!

  6. I have "borrowed" some discs of Photoshop and I am ever so slowly learning a little this-n-that with it. I tend to do simple stuff using photos. I wish I could create those wonderfully stylized images of animals or people. But it looks like you have a helper in the comments above mine!

  7. sorry i am pretty amateur at photoshop so i dont think i can offer you anything there. i've always liked the paintbrushes and the progress reports - i feel it gives a good intro to what this blog is about (what is any blog but a progress report on life?) - but i can see how it would make sense to put a piece of your artwork in the banner.

  8. Really odd that you posted about this because I just thought to myself - "What a nice header!" I like how it just screams ARTIST! But knowing you and your talents, the next header will be even more fabulous!

    By the way, I love that you LOVE Spoonbills!

  9. I'm in! I can totally do this for you. I use photoshop everyday in my job as a designer in online advertising. It would be a pleasure and an honour.
    I recently designed my new blog (thanks for your comments) and would be happy to play with yours too.
    Sound alright? Is so just email me.

    PS I like the brushes but noticed straight away the off centre type ha ha

  10. I really like the header as it is, but if you want to change it go to this site-
    you can do a lot that is free and then for 6 dollars you can do a lot more- give it a look. Its basically like a more user friendly free online photo shop.

  11. Well;

    I am mad that I live on the East Coast!!!!
    I was asleep when this post Came up!!! ;-(
    If you have not decided who to use I have Photoshop and my favorite Lightroom;-)
    So let me know....

  12. Spiffing up? I am arranging similar renovations in my web-corner, in fact-- am working with someone swellish indeed should you find yourself in need of referral.

    You shall not, in the course of your remodel, loose your leading parentheticals. By my express decree. For they are my favorite.

    Nice moccasin.

  13. I play with my header all the time! I'm never quite satisfied with it.

    I'm happy to offer my (completely non-professional) photoshop + illustrator "skills" but it sounds like you might have some better offers already.

    My only recommendation would be to make the header a teeny bit thinner so that you can see more of your blog (part of the first post + your profile link) when you open the page. I always like to see more content immediately. I guess I'm impatient like that.

  14. i'd love to help you, but alas, i have no header myself and no skillz.

  15. you are too cute! seems like you have lots of offers to help...but if you'd like mine PLEASE let me know. i'd be more than happy to help you. plus i could probably rope my designer-legit husband into helping ;) you know where to find me.

  16. Oh my GOODNESS!
    I'm tickled pink by all the suggestions and offers and one very adamant express decree! *THANK YOU ALL* for the outpouring of advice and help. This is AWESOME.

    I learned:
    -best to use Illustrator for such projects (thanks Jamie in San Diego)

    -but a free 30 day download of Photoshop might do the trick for image editing (lovely Linz in LA)

    -make the header thinner so that you can see the posts without scrolling down (always clever Rachel in her new house with Jalousie Windows)

    -I might be able to swing it myself with Picnik (via DIYer Juniper in Malta)

    -keep it simple and clean (like Brigitta in Australia)

    You see how magic blogger is? Advice from All Over the World. I will let you know what I do and how the progress goes...THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my leetal heart!

  17. Awesome about the sales!!! I am so glad you found help. I suffer from the same problem, I can't even seem to make my header smaller. Can't wait to see the new one!

  18. i guess i was snoozing on this one, but i can totally hook you up...


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