Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Muzzle of Bees

{A Song for Small Miracles}

Just a wee post tonight from the studio. My three sisters are scattered all over the contiguous Americas right now, and we've been wringing our hands in despair over the ailing of a four-legged member of our family. My parents have been nursing our beloved, *ancient* Welsh pony, Lemon, through what seemed for a few days like the end. My parents still live on the farm where I grew up back in dirty Jerz, and Lemon has been the queen of the place for the past sixteen years. Growing up she'd wander loose on summer days and sun herself near the house where she could hear the laughter of her girls. What Nana the dog was for the Darling children in Peter Pan, Lemon was for us Stockman girls on the farm.

We've had a lot of animals come and go on our farm, but the horses- they are a part of our world for so many years, it's just really, really hard to say goodbye. Sometimes we never really get over it.

Tonight the vets think Lemon might just pull through. After the good news my sister emailed me urging me to download Wilco's Muzzle of Bees and listen to it on repeat, which I have, and which I hope you will too. I heard it play on KCRW months ago but could never identify it to find it again.

It's a perfect song for hoping animals we love never leave us, for working late into the glorious desert night, and for letting oneself get a little nostalgic for a childhood surrounded by sisters and animals.

Sweet dreams little Lemon. Your girls are pulling for you!


  1. Oh Lily, this makes my heart hurt! I'll be thinking of you and little Lemon. The aging of animals is the hardest thing in the world; I can't stand the thought of it. The Muzzle of Bees is such an amazing song, as is the entire album actually. Sending love to you and the leetal horsey! XOXO

  2. Lily, this post made me weep. Thinking of you tonight, and Lemon, and your family. Oh, and you're so right about Muzzle of Bees. I'm gonna run and get a kleenex. I'm rooting for Lemon. xoxo Gigi

  3. I really hope the vet is right and that your sweet looking Lemon pulls through!

  4. Ok Lily... I am letting you know that I have a giveaway going on right now that I KNOW YOU will LOVE!! Much love to you!

  5. Much love to the Stockman girls and their Lemon. xx

  6. I'll be thinking of you. What joy she brought to you and your sisters!

  7. oh, i only can imagine the worry but that she seems to getting better and that is good news i will keep her in my thoughts and will let my own horses know that a fellow pony needs some good wishes. I now understand the comment you left full heartedly and of course i would love to send you a print of the picture, what size would you like dear lily!

  8. Oh I hope your pony makes it! So sweet that he is called lemon and has been around for so long. Am a fan of wilco and will go search for this song. I remember the Be Good Tanyas have a good one too, its about a dog but I remember hearing them in concert singing it and it nearly had me in tears (our family golden retriever had passed away the year before).

  9. Oh, my dear. Crossed fingers and good thoughts for your sweet pony.

  10. this post made me cry. i so hope lemon pulls through, and i will download muzzle of bees tonight in his honor.

  11. OH!! I hope sweet Lemon makes it as far as he can, and he feels content...
    My good and vibrant energy goes to him...

    I am an architect flying solo right now, and I am located on the Peach land, I am split in half between Architecture and Photography..
    It is hard work, and I have been doing it since last year, so I am trying to pull my way through it all...
    XOXO to you too...

  12. oh, lemon! sending out all good vibes within my soul. i love that lemon is such a part of your family and growing up years. so hard when the animals who have taken care of us grow old.

    by the way, my ceej has always wanted to go to joshua tree because he LOVES climbing...and now i think i finally have a reason to go along...i think we'd all get along swimmingly!

  13. oh sending my best wishes for your horse to pull through!

  14. Lily, you know how your horse stories always move me to tears, the last being the one about Laddy...I'll go to sleep tonight thinking about little Lemon, and the love her girls has for her. xo be well Kat

  15. oh lily ~
    listening to muzzle of bees trying to think what to say amidst the tears for your sweet lemon ... it is too hard to think of how this hurts you and your family ...
    but i keep going back to your line ....
    "she'd wander loose on summer days and sun herself near the house where she could hear the laughter of her girls" ...
    that image is clear to me ...
    a comfort to her to know you were there ...
    a comfort to you to think of her there ...
    and someday she will once again be able to hear her girls laugh from wherever you are, just like she was near the house ...
    a hug for you heart,
    prairiegirl xo

  16. Oh, so many girls are pulling for Lemon. So many. Count this one in, too. And my own little girl. She's eight and she said to tell you she'll pray for Lemon. And, she will.


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