Friday, February 19, 2010

Gee's Bend Palette

{Update from the Studio}

I've been doing a lot of research on the spectacular quilts of Gee's Bend, the textiles made from old work clothes by four generations of African-American women in an isolated town in rural Alabama. Otherwise known as the quilts that rocked the New York art world and established a group of black grannies as pioneers of American Minimalism.  It's a pretty amazing story, and the as far as color and pattern go, the quilts *rock my world.*
The Gee's Bend quilts have been inspiration for my palette and the background patterns in the paintings I'm showing at the Red Arrow Gallery in March.
Below, a 30 x 30 inch portrait of the super-rare Guinea hog, in Gee's Bend slate and lavender.  This picture is from over a week ago; now all these paintings have patterns based on regional American textiles painted into the backgrounds. More on that next week.
Have a great weekend. I'll be here in the studio working on my hawg.

Post script: Thanks for all the well-wishes for our Lemon. She seems to be doing a little better, but this weekend will be key for her. My family and I were *so* touched to read all your sweet comments.


  1. Way fun. Your critters are exhibiting some powerful energy.

  2. These colors are magnificent! I love this hawg and even more I'm struck by the ram in the background! I've had some strange affinity for rams lately and that one on the right is especially amazing (makes me REALLY wish I could make it to your show!!)
    Glad to hear Lemon is feeling better today!
    Have a lovely weekend lady! XO

  3. swoon ... can i just come and watch you paint in your studio ... just once? you make your palette look like a work of art ... xo
    happy to hear lemon is doing better ...
    soft rubs on her nose from afar,

  4. Lily, these are beautiful. May I get a sneak preview? I'm in an art-buying mood.

    Also, shame on us for being stone's throw and, yet, no shows. How can we remedy? We must, we must!


  5. Hi Lily, I just discovered your blog via Heather Kirtland's blog and I've spent the last half-hour skimming through many months of your wonderful writings, photos, paintings, recipes, etc. Thanks very much for creating all this. I look forward to following along. Cheers!

  6. ok... i can´t stop reading your blog! your talent is amazing!... love this series and how you found your inspiration. thanks for visiting!
    xxx jane

  7. OH, I love the quilts of Gees Bend. And, I am thrilled, just thrilled to find that they are inspiring your wonderful work. I don't know why it should make me so happy, but it does.

  8. You slay me. These colors are splendid.


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