Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Come One! Come All!

From Here From There:
 Lily Stockman & Kay Tuttle

Saturday, March 6th, 6:30pm

Lily Stockman (Joshua Tree, CA) has put together a visual ethnographic portrait of America's meat-eating habits over the past century. She's created a series of paintings that detail breeds of livestock that are now endangered because although they were once staples of family farms before WWII, these breeds don't grow fast enough or produce enough meat or milk to suit the demands of modern industrial agriculture. Her large-scale portraits of pigs, sheep, goats and cattle feature motifs from historical American textiles and wallpapers that relate to the history of each breed.
See more of Lily's work at

Kay Tuttle (Denver, CO) is bringing to The Red Arrow two bodies of work. The first, Cover Stories comes from her love of drawing animals and are painted on the covers of vintage encyclopedias. They combine her passion for literature and illustration with the pleasure of drawing animals. Kay also brings to us a series of Victorian Drawings. This is an ongoing series that finds Kay painting on top of small illustration plates from a Victorian-era woman's magazine.
See more of Kay's work at

The Red Arrow Gallery
In Our New Industrial Space! (Next to Royal Siam)
61597 Twentynine Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, CA 92252


  1. this is THRILLING! woot!
    congratulations lily to you and to kay ...
    this will be a spectacular showing!
    i find it fascinating that you are capturing the 'heritage' breeds ... bravo!
    it makes me cringe to think these creatures have been and are slowing fading away ...
    it is heartwarming to know you are capturing them in your wonderful artistic way ...
    prairiegirl xo

  2. Looks amazing! I have my fingers crossed that we can make the drive, but it looks like we might have a postponed family bday rescheduled for that day. : (

  3. love the post-modern magnolias at the back - your ram is very soulful!

  4. Gorgeous and vibrant! Oh how I wish there was a virtual walk through of the exhibition.

  5. Wow how exciting!! I love the colors! XO

  6. Oh how absolutely wonderful. The painting is beautiful, and I love the concept/inspiration! Oh! I wish I could be there!

  7. how wonderful! I wish that I was closer so that I could attend.

  8. those are magnolias, right? I totally love magnolias.

    Heritage breeds make me want 200 acres in the middle of nowhere, so I could keep 20 rainbow roosters and 500 zebra-striped bunnyrabbits, or whatever fabulous things people used to keep on hand around the homestead. What a wonderful, wonderful concept.


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