Friday, February 12, 2010

Drive Fast and Burn Your Beets

{How to Avoid Melancholia This Weekend}

Heavenstobetsy, you guys are the BEST. Thanks for the amazing (!) outpouring of ideas, advice, and offers to help with redesigning my header. All your comments duly noted and wholly appreciated, and as a result I might just have a little trick up my sleeve. Now, just in case you dread Valentine's Day, here are three items to consider:

1. Download Me and Jane Doe from Charlotte Gainsbourg's excellent new album, IRM. Because Beck produced it. And it's about the landscape of the solitary mind. And the inadequacy of language. It's the perfect song for, say, driving very fast, alone, through the desert, at night. It's awesome.

2. Make this if you feel like showing off in the kitchen. Because it looks so delicious, all that jazz is in season, and it requires PUFF PASTRY. What wistfulness can't be caulked up with puff pastry?

3. If you're feeling Down And Out, just look at this picture of my best intentions for these farmer's market beets. It will make you feel better about yourself. I was going to boil them and do fancy things to them that included an immodest amount of orange zest. And I then I promptly forgot that they were boiling away on the stove until the house started to smell funny. Bad-funny, like burnt hair and molasses. It took two days to get this pot clean.

The beloved huz is away for work for two weeks (in a very cold, very wooded place) and last Valentine's Day he was far away (in a very hot, very dangerous place). So Valentine's Day doesn't always come with tidings of Romance And Roses for yours truly, but it doesn't mean I can't have a little fun. Hubby is going to study his Hindi in his far-oft locale, whilst I make a little detour here. With my ya-yas. And our dogs (of course).

Love to you.


  1. Aww, my husband is out of town for Valentine's Day too :( Have a wonderful time in Palm Springs! xoxo

  2. how did you manage to clean off all the burn? i have not been successful with that in the past.

  3. What is it about beets! We ALWAYS do that! Doing it in a pressure cookers is even better. Yeah, burnt hair and molasses all over the kitchen ceiling!

    Sorry about the huz being away but glad about the Hindi. And the week after a show is always a bit of a "let down". Next time come to Silver Lake and eat beets with us!

  4. Sending you much love... lovely lady!! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  5. I wish for my ya-yas this Valentine's night.

    Love to your beets. xo

  6. there is something going strange going on in our kitchens...why are we burning things all to crazy?

  7. Hope you had a great Valentines! Your little detour looked wonderful.

  8. ha! i love the burnt beets lady! and thank you for all your love notes..i so appreciate it. when i get back from mexico you are getting a BIG LOVE NOTE from me fo sho!!!


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