Monday, February 8, 2010

Bakersfield Show Recap

{Opening Night at Metro Galleries}

Friday morning I gassed up the truck, vacuumed out the dog hair, packed some snacks and carefully laid my freshly-pressed lady-dress along the back seat. Because you have to be well-prepared and presentable when you come up out of the rabbit hole. The drive up to Bakersfield is a solid three hours across open desert, over mountain passes, past tiny ramshackle communities and roads with names like Twenty Mule Team Road and Weedpatch Highway. Up and over the mountains, past the the tiny outpost town of Boron and its belching, active borax mine. Then the steady descent into the fertile Central Valley, to strange, sprawling, gritty Bakersfield.

Somewhere along the way the Be Good Tanyas came on and I listened to them, delighted by the rediscovery of a band I forgot I loved, most of the drive.

When I arrived in Bakersfield Metro Galleries was all lit up. Mary-Austin Klein's work was jewel-like, perfect, on one wall. Tina Bluefield's was sweeping, moody, on another. And my paintings? They were up on the wall of a beautiful gallery, and that, my friends, was more of a thrill than I can describe.

Lots of people came, looked. No one threw fruit at my paintings. It was marvelous.

Friends made the long drive to see the new work. To be supportive. To eat delicious free sushi.
My mother flew in from the east coast. I love my mother. When husbands aren't available she is the best date *ever.*

It's curious to watch a stranger look at your painting. It's creepy to sneak up on that stranger and take a picture of them looking at your painting. 

What can I say. That's how I roll.

When the gallery finally cleared out at the end of the boisterous, wonderful night I snapped a few pictures of the paintings up on the wall. I felt sad leaving them. Is that so strange? We've spent so much time together this past crazy month.
But the whole point is to get the work hanging on other people's walls. So au revoir, Persimmon.
Merci beaucoup, Metro Galleries.
Bon nuit, my friends!


  1. Wish I could have been there!! Lily... you amaze me with your art, writing and pictures!! Keep me informed when it comes to your shows... I have already told the hubs I will be making it to one this year!!! Much love my friend!! xo

  2. Congratulations. This must have been so exciting, seeing you work making their way to new destinations.

  3. Congratulations my dear!!!
    But I can relate to that feeling when you first stepped into a gallery and what you have been working so hard on, is there to wink at you...

    I have been able to experience that twice; and it is so incredible!!!!

    Wish you the best of luck during the whole show...Keep the good paintings coming...

  4. thank you for taking me along. your work is beautiful and i love the light in the gallery!

  5. Your paintings look beautiful up on those gallery walls! So glad it went well! Congrats! xo

  6. What a great space for your work! They looked wonderful. Best of luck to you!

  7. Any chance of a show down south in the near future? Of course, I'd jump at the chance to drive out to the desert, so that would work too.

  8. You are the kicking assest.

    For reals.

  9. What a great space to show Lily! I hope it went/goes well. I can imagine it must have been hard to leave them behind! So I posted some of my paintings. They are really very different than yours but I do think we are both covering similar ground when we are searching for alternate or new means to render "reality". Yours remind me a little of D. Hockney too. Have you seen the movie "A Bigger Splash"? It was on Sundance last night. Also made me think of you-as-artist. (And ohmigod - Celia Birtwells sweaters!)

    Anyway, you're doing much more painting than me nowadays. I'm very impressed. I look forward to the next ones.

  10. how wonderful! it looks like a great place to show art...your paintings were perfect for that gallery! wish i could have been can sneak up on me with your camera anytime.

  11. I love your work! That must have been so fun. xo

  12. Your work looks stunning up in the gallery, and a good turn out. Liked your description of your ride down to the show the mountain passes and small towns (am also a fellow fan of the Be Good Tanya's but like you have not listened to them for some time).
    Glad it all went so well!

  13. Sigh. What a thrill! Your *beautiful* work on those beautiful walls. Congratulations, my friend whom I've never met, but whom I just adore. I am celebrating your triumph all the way over here in Lowell, MA, on a cold, snowy night with a glass of seltzer raised to you. xo

  14. I like them even more now I can see the size of the canvas.

  15. Congratulations! I love that you photographed someone looking at your painting, it makes me think of a photo of a mirror, of a mirror, of a mirror with the infinity possibilities of a new perspective. Beautiful paintings. I wish I could have been there in person.

  16. Congratulations! Even though I know this was some years ago. Are there new exhibits we can look forward to?


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