Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Paintings

{More from the Homestead Series}

I am finally catching up on archiving and realized I have a whole slew of new paintings from my homestead series that I haven't posted on the internets. (History lesson on the Mojave homesteads here, photos from my most recent tresspassing foray here.) Or rather, I had a whole slew of new paintings, but alas, all but one have found new owners, to my utter delight. They are small paintings (9 x 12 inches) and therefore more modestly priced than my enormous canvases. Part of the motivation behind this series is to make paintings that people like me can actually afford. And I'm obsessed with the homesteads in general, so as long as they keep selling I'll keep painting them.

Two new ones:

 Sand Track / oil on panel / 9 x 12 in. / 2009
Minted / oil on panel / 9 x 12 in. / 2009

I'll post some more tomorrow. Hope you're getting a good start on the new year. Cheers!


  1. mmmm. i love "minted." i could eat it up and feel refreshed over and over again.

  2. these are so beautiful. can i have one as present? bawahhahaha. PUPPIES. i am dying about your post. CALL ME ASAP momma cita. i miss your bones! them lovely! (bad pun, i'm so tired)
    loveeeee you christmas cookie!

  3. Ahhhh... I love both!!! The colors... are wonderful. You are such a talented lady Lily....!!! Hope you are doing well!! xo


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