Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet Harold

{Why Paint People When You Can Paint Even-Toed Ungulates}

Harold is a Gulf Coast ram. That's his breed, not his provenance (he hails from ritzy Newport, Rhode Island). He is the subject of the second series of paintings I'm working on. More later, but seriously, is he a winsome chap or WHOT. Hey, tomorrow is Thursday. Which means our rural postal delivery guy, Gary, is bringing the last disk of the first season of The Wire. Living out of bounds of the US Postal Service? Bummer. Rural Delivery Contractor No. 1? Gary. Gary + NetFlix? Awsome. But still not as awesome as Harold the Gulf Coast ram. 

Hope you're having a good week. 


  1. Hello Harold! He's very handsome isn't he?

    The kitty's name is Illa. Which is Latin for 'That one'. There was originally a 'This one' as well, but her kitty life was cut abruptly short.

    And I'm pretty embarrassed to name the movie. It was just one of those TERRIBLE and most forgettable romcoms on terrestrial TV, and my brain couldn't tolerate watching a movie that required actual thought, so we watched it. (It was Something's Gotta Give, in which Jack Nicholson is the most disturbing old man and Diane Keaton is the most annoying 'older woman' ever.) But despite the horror of the movie, the evening itself was awesome :)

  2. Harold IS awesome! And for me, my latest Netflix addiction is watching all of the episodes of the American version of The Office. I finished season 3 last night, and for some reason, this show is helping me get through this crummy time in my life.

    Thank you so much for your note. I actually forced myself to write a post tonight because I was getting a lot of worried emails from blogland. Your comment, however, touched me especially. You, Lily, are a wonder and an inspiration. I'm having to rethink my whole life very quickly after a series of unravelings occurred last week, and the changes I will likely be making were completely unexpected, but probably necessary. Ultimately I think it will be for the better, but it will be a very painful transition. I've had to make such changes before, but this time it's especially hard for a whole slew of reasons.

    How's that for speaking in code? Regardless, I love knowing that you are out there painting even-toed ungulates in the desert and making your own special brand of magic. Thanks so much for thinking of me.

    love from the mill town xo

  3. haven't got the netflix. something tells me i can stop being so embarassed when i tell people we spend our weekend nights watching bill moyer's journal. eek!

    AND, i might just take you up on your offer and come see you down south. seriously. be careful what you offer! especially when you promise me i will be a paint-mixing goddess!!!!


  5. Hello, This is my first visit.
    Nice post, Beautiful ram.


  6. We just finished The Wire and now my life feels empty. Perhaps I need a ram.

  7. he is very handsome! I just love their eyes!

  8. The Wire is one of the best series ever created. When it ends, you will be in mourning, but it will be totally worth it.

  9. It is weird I think he's incredibly cute? I just discovered that my library now works almost like Netflix. I have a queue of things on hold (which really just means you have to wait to get your hands on books!)

    Thanks for your kind comment! :)

  10. He is the winsomest of all the rams. I hope he does not get eaten by any monsters.


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