Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cause and Effect

{An Analytical Approach to the Day}

Circumstance: Mysterious blue stain on beloved Madeline Weinrib rug/ conspicuously stained paws.
Reason: Dog did not get exercise.
Lesson: Do not leave pens lying around/ take dog for run.

Circumstance: Thank you notes from Christmas incomplete (I know; totally unacceptable).
Reason: Genetic predisposition to procrastination.
Lesson: Marry organized person (check)/ write damn thank you notes NOW.
*My great-auntie gave me the stenciled LOL cards. She's in her eighties. Do we love her? Yes.

Circumstance: Paintings for upcoming show mostly *but not entirely* finished.
Reason: See above under procrastination, predisposition to.
Lesson: Do not work on commissions whilst preparing for a show.

Circumstance: The wearing of a ridiculous hat by husband (it has ear-flaps AND tassels).
Reason: It's cold all up in here/ I knit it for him when we were first courting.
Lesson: If you knit it, he will wear it. Because he is full of love in spite of unwalked dogs, unwritten thank yous and unfinished paintings.


  1. This made me smile, laugh and laugh again!! You are as sweet as pie!!! xo

  2. Aww, Dolly is an artist! This was so funny (although I'm sure the blue stains were not)! xo

  3. those paws. so cute. yes i think a lot of our dog problems come from lack of exercise. do you go for a run daily with your dogs? i think my puppy could use a daily run but neither my boyf nor i are up for that, so hiring a dogwalker or maybe even runner it is.

    can't believe you knit that hat! i can only do scarves. currently i have a very baby scarf in the works that will most likely not be finished till next winter comes around '-)

  4. I just blue myself.

  5. Great post. Love the hat, and your explanation of it.
    Good luck with it all, sounds like lots to do!
    Your table looks scarily similar to mine yesterday, cards, stamps, pumpkin ginger soup, plus my Maltese language book and cards lying in the mix. some sewing pieces at the far reaches. Creative Chaos.

    White Tara too?! - tis a small world.

  6. Sometimes I think I just wander around and bide my time between good pictures of people's tabletops. They are my favorite.

    Yours is very excellent today, as is that hat.

  7. Awww, I like the hat! Cute boys in ridiculous hats are even cuter.

    That rug is gorgeous, btw.

  8. you are oh so fantastic. love this post. maybe someday my knitting skills will allow me to knit fine things for my ceej. you inspire on every level.
    happy thank-you-card writing!

  9. sacre blue! i'm buying dolly a collar that reads " little blue foot" for sheeze. this is a most excellent post and i think you are special.

    infinite x's and o's!


  10. i was laughing so hard i spilled my morning tea. :( your dog is ADORABLE. i love that!

  11. i have a genetic predisposition to procrastination too. i think i'm going to tell my editor that so he'll get off my back when i miss my deadlines. :)
    your dog and husband are awesome.

  12. Dolly, Dolly doggie. What will the doggie do next?

    Hope your weekend was divine!

  13. I really like the image of the paints. They look so luscious. I haven't painted in long time... I too have a genetic predisposition toward procrastination and toward attempting to do far too many things at once. That doesn't even seem to make sense. Hmmm... Still, it's true.

  14. I absolutely love this post!!!!
    Small things are so grand in the schemes of our lives...
    BTW she is guilty as charged!!! ;-)


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