Monday, January 11, 2010

A Case for The Corgi to Keep His Tail

{Another Monday Limerick}

Oh the corgi he herds with precision
So smart he can do long division.
But in in the country of Wales
They lop off their tails
It seems like a cru-el decision.

I say that the dog he should keep
His tail if he's gunna herd sheep:
For better equipping
his running and nipping
And curling up into to sleep.

So let the poor dog have a nibble
Of a treat that is better than kibble:
Let the pup keep his wagger
And watch his new swagger
He'll love you forever, no quibble.


  1. AGREE!!! Hope you have a glorious MONDAY!!! xo

  2. this is great! i did not know this about the corgi!

  3. Oh poor Corgis! I didn't know this either!

  4. One never knows what a post from bigBANG will bring. Today i see a Corgi's bottom.

    Actually I can't figure out which is more delightful, the limerick or the picture...

  5. love the picture! I did know this about corgis and find it cruel as well.

    love + luck + bliss,

  6. Regarding the circumstance surrounding the creation of the Corgi Limericks:

    Did you start with the picture and fall to limericking as the only respectable way to immortalize such a charming backside? Or was it a limerick you were itching to write over coffee yesterday, and the backside happened to be in right in the line of fire?

    My vote is for the latter, and I look forward to what gets in your way next Monday.

    Next burning question, since this morning is full of them: have you taken your pictures yet? Because I will nag you within an inch of your life before I go without seeing more of what it is you want to deshingle so badly.

    P.S. I found you a table. If I had $400 with which to welcome you into the fold, I would do more than post it on my sidebar. But it should be almost as good to have me covet something intensely in your honor. Join me in my admiration, and then look for one at a garage sale for the $50 I paid for mine.

  7. this was so fantastic, i giggled and spit out some of my coffee.

  8. great shot! when scout sits like this we affectionatly call it the 'turkey butt'... because if you just take in her back half she looks like a thanksgiving turkey. ps: tonight she spent about 10 minutes chasing her nonexistant tail- she must miss it.


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