Monday, January 25, 2010

California Contemporary

{February Show at Metro Galleries, Bakersfield, CA}

Next month I'll be showing with five other California landscape painters at Metro Galleries in the revitalized downtown of Bakersfield. Los Angeles painter Mary-Austin Klein is headlining the show, which makes my little heart flutter. Mary-Austin lives in Echo Park but spends a lot of time in the desert, and her resulting landscape paintings really have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated; they are *tiny* and unbelievably detailed while still retaining that atmospheric quality that makes the desert light so magical. Another hot mama in the show? Joshua Tree's very own Georgia O'Keeffe, my friend Tina Bluefield, whose studio and work I profiled in an earlier post.

I am so honored to show with them. I feel like I just got invited to sit at the big kids table.

Don Martin, the creative director at Metro, has been on a lifelong crusade to revitalize downtown Bakersfield, and his beautiful industrial-space gallery was the first of its kind to open there. Since then a dozen new galleries have popped up around him, and with the renovation of the 1928 Padre Hotel down the block Bako seems poised to become a respectable little culture hot-spot in the Central Valley. There's nothing I love better than a cow town with great art and a retrofitted oil baron hotel.

Now, back to work to finish those paintings! Hope you had a great weekend, muggles.


  1. Oh YAY for you!! That's so exciting! I so wish I could see this show!

  2. YAYYYYYY!!! CONGRATS!! I agree with Amanda... wish I could see the show as well!! I will be there in spirit.... xo!!

  3. I am so, so, so excited for you!!!! You know that if I could, I would hop on a plane just to come see the show. Someday I know I'll do just that. You are more than deserving of that spot at the big kids table, you brilliant woman.

    xoxo Gigi

  4. wow, congratulations! finally get to "eat" with the big hosses, eh? i'd love to see your artwork. are you going to post them here after your exhibit?

  5. Oh my, wish I could come to the exhibit! As someone else noted, I think you belong at the 'big kid table' .

  6. Hi superstar! I think I am coming to the opening - driving with Tina Bluefield. Hurrah!

  7. Wow, what a feeling that is! Well all the very best Lily. I look forward to seeing all about it on your blog.

  8. I am not even a MUGGLE, LILY. But you are quite clearly a big kid!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You'll have to send us heaps of photoz so we can pretend we're there.

  9. Bakersfield -- who knew? Next trip down the 5 I'm definitely taking a detour.


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