Monday, December 14, 2009

Show Recap as Limerick

{Opening in Long Beach}

An industrial port most extensive
With a fleet of ships comprehensive
Long Beach is hip
With a gallery strip
Where artwork can be quite expensive.

But the weather turned out quite abhorrent
And only a few braved the torrent
The crowd was most modest
But they came for the ahtist
And the wine that was free without warrant.


  1. how wonderful! I loved the limerick. I'm sorry the weather was so terrible for the opening but I'm sure it was still a huge success. Every time I have a show opening it's pouring or freezing or some other weather problem...

  2. Too bad about the weather! It WAS awful. Looks like you had a good time though - and you always have a career as a limerick-ist!

  3. "ahtist" is possibly the most amazing thing you have ever turned into a real word.

    your show was perfect. i am so proud of you.

    your best friend FOREVER!

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  5. Your paintings are magnificent!


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