Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Presents for the People You Love: Family Edition

{A Few Gift Ideas for Under $100}

For: Your your amazing mother, who has grand plans for the vegetable garden next year.
What: Heirloom seeds and bulbs from Landreth Seeds, the oldest heritage seed company in America.
Because: What greenthumb wouldn't kill for a bed of rainbow chard or amethystine fairytale aubergines? Or how about these deeply flavored Cherokee purples, America's oldest tomato?
The Damage: $4 for a packet of cosmic carrot seeds (which will turn into these beauties, below)

For: Your empty-nester father, who makes his Daddy's World-Famous French Toast when everyone comes home for Christmas. 
What: Canal House Cooking, Volume I (summer/fall) + Volume II (winter/holiday).
Because: Chris Hirscheimer and Melissa Hamilton are like the fairy-godmothers of east coast farm-to-table cooking. Gourmet worshiped their marvelous, self-published cookbooks. So will dad.
The Damage: $20 per book. Get both.

For: Your bohemian sister Olive, who doesn't leave the house without her laptop, holga camera, and latest crochet project. The problem is she usually forgets her keys.
What: A Dash and Albert cotton rug carry-everything bag.
Because: Dash and Albert makes fabulous rugs. Now they make rugs into fabulous bags. Olive can carry everything in this baby, and it will last for ever.
The Damage: $58.

For: Your other sister Iris, who is currently unemployed but still has lots of dinner parties.
What: Whimsical dessert plates from the imagination of Parisian artist Nathalie Lete.
Because: They are to die for. And Iris is a total francophile.
The Damage: $24 each.

For: Your little brother Rusty, who just got his first job working as an underling at PRINT magazine.
What: A dishtowel tie. Yes, it's a necktie made from a linen dishtowel. Oh snap.
Because: A) he's got great style and B) you can get back at him for never doing the dishes.
The Damage: $44.

For: Grandma Gert, who still slaughters her own Christmas goose and who gave you your first cigarette. (You were ten.)
What: A skein of periwinkle rabbit angora yarn. It's soft as bunny because it is bunny. (Don't worry; no bunnies hurt in the process. They just get haircuts every so often. Like sheep.)
Because: You don't have time to shear an angora rabbit yourself. Plus, Granny Gert might knit you some killer legwarmers.
The Damage: $20 per skein.

Tomorrow: Presents for the People You Love: Friends + Occasional Lovers Edition


  1. Those dessert plates are so fun and the rug bag is pretty sweet. By the way, your grandmother slaughtered a goose and gave you your first cigarette? That's badass.

  2. Oh kay, why so late with the awesome suggestions? I'ma have to bookmark these for NEXT year, darnit.

  3. marking those books for mother & brother in law!!!!

  4. I love, love, love your categories, and then I adore the gifts you've dreamed up. The only problem is, I want most of them for myself! How greedy am I? It's just, well, look at all this cool stuff. Maybe I'll keep just the cookbooks and the periwinkle yarn for me. I mean, look at that color! I need it.

    You're the bee's knees, my sweet. xo

  5. No kidding, I'm with Gigi. Who ARE we shopping for here again?

  6. i'm with agirl, i might have to get some of those cool seeds for my gardener mother next year :-)

  7. At first i thought, 'your grandmother gave you a ciggie at ten?!!!' but then my grandmother inhaled snuff and i asked her once as a child and she let me have some, so...

  8. I love that bag and all of these ideas!!! I love these posts ever so witty and very original!!! Hope you had a lovely day!! xo

  9. Love this one too. I have one of the Dash and Albert bags and it is completely wonderful. Mine is the pink and green and blue and brown stripey one. LOVE IT!


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