Monday, December 7, 2009

The Mistake of the Mitten

{I Knitted Three Mittens. By Accident.}

Christmas is in the air! P. and I got a little Christmas tree this weekend (our first!), and I caught up on painting commissions and knitted one and a half mittens. I haven't touched my knitting in about two years, so it was with utter delight that I found a half-finished mitten in one of my giant, secret knitting bags (they are hidden all over the house. P. is just realizing how much yarn his wife came with.) So whilst humming along to Christmas music and gazing upon my beloved I clumsily picked up that half-finished mitten I started two years ago. I finished it.  I knit another one. Then I dug around in the yarn bag looking for a crochet hook to finish off the loose ends when I found, to my horror, a perfectly complete mitten in the same yarn.

Now I have three mittens (in descending, misshapen size, no less). P. and I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. I do things like this.  Like that time I spent all afternoon baking P. a double-decker rummy carrot cake for his birthday. And as I pulled the cakes out of the oven I spied, in a bowl sitting quietly (mockingly?) by the sink, the pound of hand-shredded carrots. That were supposed to be in the cake. (It was still tasty on account of the rum.)

Now I have three periwinkle blue mittens. The bummer is that I don't think I have enough yarn to make a fourth mittie. Would you like one? Dolly the gentle hound seemed not to mind them.

Hope you had a marvelous weekend. I have a show in Long Beach this Saturday and I am *so* excited. I've been working on the paintings for this show since August. I'll post the info tomorrow or Wednesday.
Cheers, yulebearers!


  1. Heehee! Three mittens! You know, though, that's not such a bad thing if you're someone like me who is perpetually losing one mitten, one earring, one sock . . .

    Periwinkle, by the way, is one of the prettiest colors in the world, I think.

    xo G

  2. ummmmm I HATE to suggest that these be my xmas presents but i'm just sayin they are 1) purple 2) three of them ( you know how i lose things) and 3) are made by you aka silly lily herself!
    i love you. see you saturday! graet post! xoxo

  3. :) I would love a mitten!!! This story made me smile... because I have left out ingredients so many times.... ha!! Have a wonderful week!!! xo

  4. oh my goodness this made me laugh and feel the episode with the carrot cake but they all make for good memories! i think the third mitten should be an ornament or stocking so that you can always smile and tell the story of the three minutes!

  5. Very cute mittens. Just an fyi, I bought stripey knit gloves from Anthropologie last year that came in sets of three, in case you happen to lose one. I thought that was such a great idea. So maybe you did this on purpose, subconsciously. :)

  6. I'm with Gigi and Giovanna. I think all mittens should come in sets of threes so you'll have a backup mitten for the one that you'll always lose. My mother-in-law applies this policy to wineglasses and always buys at least one more than she thinks she needs to replace the one that inevitably gets broken. ANYWAY! I'm certain that rum cake was excellent - and so was the carrot salad.

  7. Very sensible indeed to gift the trio. However, you should abandon your senses and post me that mitten straight off.

    I have the prettiest little lacey glove who is tired of waiting for a mate made by my hands. I even put her up on the mantle and told her she was beautiful on her own, a bachlorette and a total catch. Your mitten could be exactly what she needs to snap out of her funk.

    In return, I'll knit you half a snow hat.

  8. how funny is this?! love it. AND i wish i knew how to knit, but i only know how to crochet. i bought a DVD how-to on knitting. it's pretty good, thought i am pretty slow. too bad we're not closer neighbors...otherwise i'd enlist you as my personal knitting guru (even if you did knit an odd number of mittens!)

  9. Five golden rings.
    Four calling birds
    Two turtle doves.
    And a cactus that is frosty.


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