Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jump Shot

{Trampoline Antics at the Studio}

Before my sister flew back to San Fransisco she came to the studio to see my new paintings for an upcoming show. 

We looked at the paintings. We talked about what was good. What wasn't working. Where it was going.

We talked about Susan Rothenberg and how she never made the same painting twice.

We split an orange.

We listened to the Cowboy Junkies as the first rain clouds in six months rolled in over Joshua Tree.

And we jumped on the trampoline as the rain started falling. My sister jumped higher and higher.

There is nothing better, she decided, than jumping on a trampoline when it starts to rain in the desert. (There is nothing better, I decided, than being with my sister when it starts to rain in the desert.)


  1. i love you. and i love hopie. and i love that hopie has the red converse that i'm asking for from santa for xmas. i'm calling you during lunch!

  2. Hi Lily. Thanks so much for your very kind comment over on my blog! I only just discovered yours (clearly, I've been under a rock), and I've been loving it, and savouring it, and trying to read as far back as I can manage. I'm very very glad to have found you too.

    These photos are so lovely. You and your sister are clearly awesome. (Especially so if you have a trampoline!)

  3. I have just four things to say to you:
    1. These photos made me grin.
    2. Your words made melt.
    3. Can't wait to see the Christmas tree you dream up.
    4. You're a doll, too!

    Oh, wait, maybe I have five things! I love your idea about coordinating a blog-knitting circle thing for knit a square! I don't think I can do it before Christmas because I am preparing for a job interview, packing up my house to move back to Mass, and hosting a steady stream of guests until Christmas. I just can't seem to coordinate anything else before Christmas. The cool thing is, they need the blankets all the time, so I'm thinking of ideas for doing something in Jan or Feb when I'm back in Mass for good. Sadly, we have to leave the island soon. We've been here on sabbatical. I'm dreaming up ways to eventually have a little cottage here for summers and long weekends. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks for your boundless inspiration, Lily!

    xoxo Gigi

  4. I thoroughly enjoy these images. They are beautiful and joyful.

  5. of COURSE you have a trampoline. I had never put two and two together before, but there is NO better place for a trampoline than the desert. Well done.

  6. i love this. it totally made my night. thanks.

  7. how wonderful! these shots are incredible! how fun to have your sister there, perfect indeed!

  8. Ah, I so LOVE this. Gorgeous shots. And look at Hopie go!

  9. Ahhh such a great post!!!! There is nothing better than being with my sister!!! Sisters are the best!!! I love these photos... so much life in every picture!!! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend... much love!!! xo


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