Wednesday, December 9, 2009


{Cold Snap in the Desert}

I'm taking a day off from the studio and headed on an adventure south to the strange world of the Salton Sea. Going to make a trip out to Salvation Mountain, drop off some food donations for its visionary, 78-year-old Leonard Knight, and take some pictures. If you saw Sean Penn's excellent adaptation of "Into the Wild" you'll remember Leonard Knight quite vividly. A strange but amazing man (little youtube clip here.) Then hopefully stop by Slab City to meet an artist named Charlie Russell who built a sprawling installation that he calls "East Jesus" out of junk. Oh, the pictures I will have for you tomorrow. I am quite beside myself with excitement to meet these two fellas.

But before I go, some quick pictures from my morning hike and a most frosty desert.




Have a good day, my sweets!


  1. take me with you! i must tell k. about this! have a wonderful time!

  2. i have to say it one more time! OMGOODNESS how great is your day going to be!! honestly i so jealous!

  3. Oh my ... I want to go on an adventure with you!!! These last pictures are dreamy.... I love these!!!! Have fun on your adventure... your post is up today on my blog!!!! I LOVE IT by the way and thank you!!! xo

  4. me too me too Lily! i can't wait to see the pics. way cool!!!!! have a great time. stay warm.

  5. you're photography is incredibly, cherie. i wish i could hop in morgan and drive to meet you for your afternoon adventure. someday! love you!

  6. gorgeous lily. and your road trip sounds amazing--wish wish wish i could be where you are...wait, can i?


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