Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long Weekend Assessment

{A Three Day Weekend of Non-Buzz-Killing Activities}

P. had Monday off, and since we've been non-stop grant-applying and open-studio-preparing we decided to have a little fun and not clean the house or pay bills or engage in any other weekend buzz-killing activities. The result: the place is rather a mess and I'm behind on work, but we had a really fun weekend. An assessment of the damage:

Non-Buzz-Killing Activity: Morselizing P's breakfast sandwich in the glorious morning sunshine.
Assessment: Killer. Farm-fresh eggs fried with homegrown herbs = perfection.

NBK Activity: Cider donut face-stuffing. We both miss New England apple season so we drove up into the San Bernardino Mts to Oak Glen, which is weird but worthwhile. Weird because it feels a little like a California mountain village movie set of a New England apple orchard. Worthwhile because we discovered the old school mini-donut machine at Snow-Line Orchard. Naturally we ate too many and experienced a fantastic sugar high followed by corporal malaise and glutton's remorse.
Assessment: Best cider donuts we've ever had. Totally worth the hyperglycemic meltdown.

NBK Activity: Chicken coveting at Los Rios Rancho (another orchard in Oak Glen).  Silkies are an ancient breed with delightfully fluffy feathers and a docile demeanor that make them popular pets. They get this awesome sheepdog effect when they grow up. Nothing makes my heart flutter like a silkie, with their blue five-toed feet and that sumptuous cloud of feathers. This little chickie was in the teenage stage before the full fuzzball factor sets in, and I *really* wanted to take her home.
Assessment: Possibly the highlight of the weekend. For me. Maybe not so much for P., for whom chicken coveting is a foreign concept. 

NBK Activity: BBQ and beer at Pappy & Harriet's with P's combat buddy. Pappy's is where Sissy Hankshaw will materialize when she dies and goes to heaven. One of the biggest perks to living in Joshua Tree is the unbelievable caliber of musicians the girls at Pappy's wrangle in, from Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin to Cat Power to the Donnas to Vampire Weekend, who played there last week. Hippies, cowboys, bikers, Marines, yuppies, hipsters, desert rats and tourists all drinking and two-stepping together in the middle of the desert. It's a pretty epic place.
Assessment: Magical, as usual.

So I guess my weekend revolved around eating, drinking, and wishing we had chickens, which isn't all that surprising. Now, back to work to prepare for my show in Long Beach in THREE WEEKS (gulp). 
Hope you had a great weekend, my friends!


  1. Oh, man! I love all you NBK activities!!! You know, as a New England girl, cider donuts are near and dear to my heart, which will probably be the death of me, but what a way to go!

    Oh, and I would've loved to have seen Vampire weekend at Pappy & Harriet's. They are one of my favorite bands, and that looks like my kinda place! You rock, girlfriend. xoxo

  2. perfect weekend, cherie. can't wait to see you in long beach! let b or i know if you need a place to stay! xoxo

  3. Way too much fun! If I forward my husband this post, I know what we'll be doing this weekend. We actually have a Robert Plant/Joshua Tree story too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ahhh what a weekend!! I must go and get me some of those mini donuts!!! Hope all is well!!! XO

  5. i know that sugar high feeling. totally worth it!

    by the way, i just got your bright and beautiful el pollo card. thank you!

  6. i can't decide which part is best.

  7. ooh! how fantastic! those cider donuts are calling, calling, calling my name!

  8. That's it. Not that I need any provocation to spotlight chickens, but my parents have a FABULOUS bejeweled, befeathered silkie that I'm going to capture on film for you today. I'm happy to announce that stewardship of more chickens than I ever thought possible does not put a damper on my chicken coveting in the least. I believe it's what they call a "collect them all" situation.
    P.S. So long as I'm doing a chicken post, think I could spotlight some of your painted ones? They're so lovely....

  9. I take my cider donuts very seriously , I am on a mission to find and track down the perfect cider donut..LOL. I'm a gal from upstate NY/Vermont and spend every fall picking apples and searching for the perfect cider donuts. My favorite are from Fo Castle Farms, they are tdf. I live in the country in NJ now and we have lovely farmers markets and cider mills/orchards but my heart belongs to upstate NY

  10. "For whom chicken coveting is a foreign concept" <3 <3 <3


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