Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Frivolous Stamping

{Letter Stamped Place Cards}

Martha Stewart makes me nervous, the way Stilton cheese makes some people nervous. Both are potent, rich, and not for the faint of heart. But I have to thank Marfa for these rad stamps she makes because now I have place cards for our Thanksgiving dinner.  P and I are having both our families out to the desert for T-gives, plus some friends, so suddenly our tiny house and my tiny hands are responsible for hosting and feeding FIFTEEN PEOPLE. I'm making bourbon maple sweet potatoes this very moment, and am about to start on the desert fig-cranberry sauce. So the ten unnecessary, frivolous minutes it took to play arts and crafts and stamp to my heart's content was a joyful respite from the kitchen (which looks like Quentin Blake's illustration from George's Marvelous Medicine).

Also, you won't believe where I found the stamps and where you can probably get them too (don't judge; we have limited options in the hi-dez). Maybe you have some creative ideas for place cards? Do tell! I loved this idea from Sunset Mag.

And P.S. my sister's name is actually Hope but everyone just calls her Hopie. I CANNOT wait to see everyone tomorrow!


  1. ooooooooo. will you make me one even though i'm not cumin? get it? CUMIN? love you!! xoxo

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear!

    I hope you don't turn anyone into a giant chicken or make them dissapear, despite what your kitchen might resemble.

    Kisses, A.

  3. oh, lovely. have such a nice time!

  4. your place settings are really cool, and your table looked lovely - filled with family, friends and yummy food. i'm definitely trying this ginger and carrot soup this week. thanks!


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