Friday, November 6, 2009

Details from the Show

{A Few More Pictures from Last Weekend}

A few details from last weekend's Open Studio Tour...

 Detail from "Reluctance (Octopus)." There is nothing subtle about a 50 x 50 inch fuchsia octopus.

 Homesteads and more homesteads, ready to be shipped to their new owners.
 I *highly* recommend Red Truck Mini-Barrels  if you ever need a lotta red wine for a gallery opening or event. The wine itself is rather pedestrian but still happily drinkable, and the value is great (one barrel = 4 bottles). Think of the mini-barrel as a hip upgrade from your grandma's box-o-wine. And check out that spigot. How can you say no.
Detail from a vertical diptych of our farm back in beautiful New Joisey.
Lavender, cosmos. Flaming orange cosmos, to be exact. From a new friend Piper, who brought them to my show because I let her use my cell phone when she was stranded in our rural back roads earlier in the week. She grew them in her desert garden.
Cicada, ladybirds. Detail of "Insect Study." This is a very tiny painting.
Blue chicken feet. This goes out to my new friend Beth, who has blue toenails and chickens. And my new favorite blog.  Detail from "Square Chicken (Blue Feet)."
Above: a desert bouquet from my marvelous friend Kerri, who is writing a novel, and who collects glass apothecary jars. She also has a wonderful blog. Below: my sister dancing as the full moon rises over the mesa on the last night of Open Studios.

Thank you again to all you pumpkinettes who so faithfully read my nonsense and look at my pictures. Some of the comments from last post made my heart swell up, they were so generous and kind. A wonderful weekend to you all - from a cozy apartment in the West Village, to a studio on the prairie of Manitoba, to the monsoon-drenched streets of Bangalore - here's some love to all of you from the dez!



  1. Looks like you had a great time Lilly. And I agree with you about "Pocket"! Too witty and fun. Hope to see more of your paintings.

  2. Oops sorry - spelled your name like my Auntie's!

  3. Love all of your pictures!! Hope you are doing fantastic!!! xoxo

  4. another wonderful post to keep last weekend's festivities alive ... cool!
    seriously loving the pink octopus ... and the blue chicken feet ... you really do have a most soothing way with your work ... colourful yet calm ...
    you sure gave me a smile with your mention of this little studio on the manitoba prairie ~ please know the door is always open!
    have a lovely weekend,
    prairiegirl xo

  5. love the photographs, great admosphere! like it!

  6. octopus!!!!!!!

    and, love the barrel of wine.

  7. Wow! I am afraid of octopi, but I love your octopus painting! Fabulous, my friend.

  8. The blue footed chicken returns to steal my heart... twice in a week!

    Thank you, Lily, for remembering me in your post. Your insect picture looks fabulous. You described it as being really small, and I have to admit that my first instinct was to take a picture of Pocket standing next to it, for that is what I instinctively do with all small things.

    Gigi, I read your comment, and I know you're afraid of octopi, but just think of how easy they'd be to outrun in the desert. It makes me feel better, anyway.

  9. One day those chicken foots and I are going to be bffs.

  10. wow i love cosmos but have never seen orange ones before!


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