Thursday, November 12, 2009

Come Sit With Me

{Happy Birthday to My Husband}

"This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First, to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet." -Rumi

Happy birthday, darling! You're my best friend!


  1. I love this quote and these photos. The best part about that first one is that it's clear he's just waiting for you to sit right down in that chair beside him. Hope your husband has a fabulous birthday!
    xo Gigi

    PS Thanks for your lovely, lovely comment.

  2. i LOVE that our boys have the same birthday! these photos are amazing and make me miss the desert (funny that i live in a desert, but the sprawl wouldn't let you know it!). hope your day is full of lots of smiles, laughs, and sighs of gratitude!

  3. what a wonderful post full of sunshine and love! " come sit with me" definitely a start of a novel!

  4. there is a boy in the hunger games who is the male protagonist named PEETA and he's SO Much like your petey it just kills me. reason #105 why you need to read that dang book. ok i love you. I LOVE PETE! happy birfday!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dearest pete. love the rumi quote. right in with my fav rilke poem which i just have to repeat here for you both:

    how shall i hold my soul, that
    it does not touch on yours? how shall i lift it
    beyond you to other things?
    ah, gladly would i shelter it with something
    lost in the dark.
    at a strange quiet place which
    does not co-vibrate when your depths resonate.

    but everything that touches us, you and me,
    takes us together like one draw of a bow
    which pulls one voice from two strings.
    on which instrument are we strung?
    and what player has us in his hand?
    o sweetest song.

    miss you two lovechilds. xoxo

    oh and PS. i spy some booby-shaped lighting in your photo of pappy's (previous post) and i LIKE IT

  6. what a beautiful thing to do for pete! it's really sweet and lovely that you shared a birthday tribute on blog. it is inspiring to see your love!


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