Friday, October 2, 2009

Sound the Canon!

{Finally, A New Camera}

I kept borrowing (fine, stealing) my sister's gorgeous tank of a Nikon D90, and finally decided it was *really time* to upgrade from my wonderful, dependable, tiny Elph, which, by the way, has SICK macro abilities for a point-and-shoot. But alas, it is just a point-and-shoot, and its capabilities are limited. After months of research and getting cold feet every time I came to the "confirm purchase" button on Amazon, I finally bit the bullet. The body arrived while I was burning quiche on Monday evening and the lens finally arrived last night while the electrician was trying to figure out why only five sockets work in this house. Five.

{My beloved, incredibly territorial hummingbirds have become quite tame. 
This looks like a female Costa's hummer.}

 {Manual focus a little off, but still such merry evening-light geraniums}

After years of using (and loving) Nikon cameras I made the switch over to Canon for various negligible reasons, but mostly because the Canon Rebel T1i suited my needs the most and got some great recommendations from some great photographers, especially my homegirl Ash who did a National Geographic-sponsored photodocumentary in Mongolia. She gave me some great camera advice:

1. Anyone who tells you that one camera brand is far superior to another is either full of sh*t or doesn't know what they're talking about.

2. A fancy camera with a mediocre lens will take mediocre pictures. Save some dough on the body- get a good upper-entry level SLR- and spend the money on a really nice lens.
{Our funky little house was once the desert studio of LA-based Abstract Expressionist Ed Moses. 
I wonder if the electrical sockets ever worked for him, either.} 
 {A very dirty Dolly after digging for antelope squirrels. She's my main gal. 
We got her from the local animal shelter a year ago and boy, was she was terrified of men. 
Now she falls alseep on P.'s chest every night and it just. melts. my. heart.}

The Canon EOS Rebel T1i is an all-powerful entry-level SLR with the manual options of a really nice upper-level camera, but for a fraction of the price and a third of the weight. It's quite a bit smaller and lighter than its Nikon counterparts, which is appealing to me because a fancy camera is worthless if I don't want to bring it places because of its bulk and weight.

I ditched the kit lens and instead opted for an all-purpose 17-85mm that can take gorgeous, crisp macros of food and plants while still managing to capture the depth and majesty of desert landscapes. Most imporant, though, is the lens's ability to take excellent, true-to-color photographs of my paintings, which is why I finally settled on the T1i.

{Aloe for what ails you}

{Moon rising over the mountains behind us in Joshua Tree National Park}

So hopefully I can manage to finish applications and make a few new homestead paintings this weekend between all my shutterbugging. I am SO excited to learn how to use this thing and get used to the different Canon layout. I'd be interested in hearing what some of you bloggers use to take all your beautiful shots. Have an awesome weekend!

Next week I'll be profiling beloved Joshua Tree artist and a buddy of mine, William "Bill" Loveless and his incredible glue paintings. Stay tuned! xo


  1. well that's a very informative post. i've had my first camera ever, a canon A640 for about 4 years now and i've slowly gone through most of the features. still a few more to learn. then one day in the not too distant future, i'll buy my first slr.
    loved what you said about those who say one brand is better than the true.

  2. this is such an informative post! i am (as well) searching for a great camera but since it's such a big purchase your expertise is most appreciated. i salut you, ole' chap! (and love you too!) xo

  3. Amazing photos... I am on the hunt for a great camera, any suggestions??!!! Your blog never ceases to amaze me and I love stopping by daily!! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for always making my day!!! xoxoxo, your blog friend!!!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog! I have immediately added you to my google reader because your pictures are AMAZING!!!! Seriously, I want that camera AND your technique :) Looking forward to following you!

  5. great pics! Intelligent content! Will definitely visit again, thanks!


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