Friday, October 23, 2009

Bonbon Oiseau

{The Best Candy Comes from Brooklyn}

Our mailbox, which has KRJULY lettered across the side in faded black paint, is one of a dozen rusty, dented, ancient mailboxes at the end of our dirt road. I don't know who K.R. July or the Krjuly family is/was, but it's been a very long time since they lived here. These mailboxes all lean hard to the south from decades of Mojave wind, and most of them (ours included) don't really close all the way. They are more relics of the desert than they are practical receptacles for mail. But so many tourists take pictures of this little desert vignette on their way into Joshua Tree National Park that we just left our tin can of a mailbox as-is, KRJULY and all. So it's always a pleasant surprise when we actually get mail, and so far neither P. nor I have gotten tetanus yet.

So it was with utter delight that I found a petite package addressed to me in the mailbox this morning on my way to the studio. Inside was the most darling box containing a necklace from a giveaway at Your Destiny is Stone Golden, which is the creative playground of Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Deb of Bonbon Oiseau (which translates to Sweet Bird or Candy Bird). I urge you to check out her adventures on her blog and her wares on her website. I wish I'd known about her before I got married- her vintage hair combs and pins are marvelous. Now I call her Darling Deb. You'll see why:

She wrapped it up with such care, and look what was inside!

Just LOOK at this marvelous necklace! Deb collects most of her bonbons in Paris (pictures from her most recent trip here), and this one is made from antique glass and celluloid sequins (!) on sterling silver.

Hey Deb? I love your style and I wanna give you a great big hug. THANK YOU.

What a lucky oiseau I am to have one her dainty necklaces to wear around my neck! I know it will bring me luck as I finish up my paintings in preparation for my Open Studio next weekend. Have a wonderful, creative weekend my friends! xo


  1. beautiful! as a fellow bonbon devotee, sending you lots of happy bonbon wearing days!

  2. you are tooooo sweet. thank you dumplin...(and you too erin!)

  3. awww ... darling deb is right! how wonderful for you!
    sorry i haven't been by for a bit ... but i see you've been extra busy in the kitchen! love those pickles ... and the cookies ... isn't it just so satisfying?
    i definitely have 'cookie monsters' in my house, so will have to try your recipe ...
    thanks so much ~ and wishing i lived closer by to attend your 'open studio' ... best wishes for much success!
    prairiegirl xo


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