Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Bird in Hand

{A Finished Grant, A Midnight Quail}

P. and I just shipped off our grants we've been working on for the past few months and we are *so* excited to have a life again. First orders of business:
Immediately: Celebrate with Belgian ale whilst watching the sun set over Joshua Tree tonight, instead of hunching over our confuzitrons being nerdles.
Happily: Get over to the studio and finish a few more paintings before Open Studios in *ten days*.
Specifically: Gnash my terrible teeth and see Where the Wild Things Are.  Pronto.
Begrudgingly: Address the out of control laundry situation. The clean-and-needs-to-be-folded pile has fatally merged with the dirty-and-needs-to-be-washed pile. Shameful.

On Saturday night as P. was putting the final edits on his proposal and I was deleting unnecessary adverbs to squeeze mine in the allotted space (what a wild Saturday night!), Dolly, our hound mutt, caught a female quail outside the house. This was around midnight, mind you.  I don't know what she was doing away from her covey in the middle of the night but the the quail seemed perfectly unflustered by the whole affair of being in the jaws of a hunting dog. Dolly obligingly let me take the quailette from her mouth is if she were delivering jury duty notice- here, you'd better take this. P. and I took some pictures of her quickly before releasing her outside, none the worse for wear other than a little slobber on her dusky feathers. I love her little topknot!


  1. wow ... what a beautiful, beautiful bird! love how she was gently brought to you ...
    oh ... and many congrats on getting your grants done ... and for getting back to the real world!
    a friend of mine, whom i call the 'grant queen' often is held up in her home office for great lengths, only to come out for sustenance ... and perhaps a wee dram of 'glen' ...
    i so wish i lived closer so i could attend your 'open studios' ... sigh.
    i love this place of yours, though and find something more to enjoy each time i visit ... like your terms of venery ~ i LOVE words ... you might say i am pleasantly gobsmacked by them!
    cheers for now,
    prairiegirl xo

  2. that "quailette" is amazing. so wish i could come to your open studio--also, apologies for the lateness of your necklace---i have been down with an unidentifiable illness--tomorrow it goes out and you will have it to wear (i hope!) at your open studio--i think it will go with your chickens.

  3. Maybe it was a survival tactic - playing dead. Or perhaps she was just sleepy.

  4. Oh! Oh she's so, so beautiful.

  5. Oh, she is pure magic, that little quail. Congratulations on finishing the grant proposals. I've written many myself, so I know how good it feels to finally come up for air, that feeling of, "well, it's out of my hands now."

    Got my postcard in the mail today! It's *beautiful*. Thank you. xoxo

  6. Congratulations on finishing the proposals!!!! Haven't stopped by in awhile but wanted to tell you about a contest on my blog... I know you post about some yummy things and the contest involves submitting a recipe. Hope you pop on over to Coeur de La and check it out!!! Hope all is great and you are having a lovely week!! xoxo

  7. so this is what a quail looks like!!!

  8. Hi just found your blog. Love the quail. Love your vocabulary word post. We don't seem to use our language properly anymore and more to the point, we don't enjoy it! Thanks for that. I'm also a painter w/ blog (yup another one!) http://mlleparadis.blog.spot.com. I was going to do a post about Joshua Tree, will add your open studio invite/pic if that's o.k. Much good luck!

  9. oh i looooooove quails. wow!!!

  10. congrats on finishing the grant!!! i hope you enjoyed your ale and sunset...sounds lovely.

    what a cute little quail! i'm oh so glad your dutiful dog turned her over.


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