Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn Roses

{A Surprise Visit}

My friend Nora grows roses in the desert. I struggle to keep basil alive in the extreme temperatures and merciless wind here, and yet roses of every imaginable hybrid and scent bloom all around her house, under the eucalyptus trees, in between the rocks on her hill, bowing and tossing their heavy petticoats in the autumn wind. She has roses and a big pomegranate tree, and a grape arbor. And figs. And pots of herbs everywhere. She brought plumeria cuttings with her when she moved to Joshua Tree from Hawaii years ago. They were little naked stalks the size of your thumb. She built a greenhouse for them, coaxed them back to life, and now those cuttings are plumeria trees, nearly ten feet tall, dotted with the most intoxicating flowers. Oh, you should see Nora's garden. It's as close to a desert Eden as I've ever seen. She has a true gift.

The other night she and her husband brought over cookies and these roses. Just because. They fill the whole house with their fragrance, like honey and lemons and clean laundry.

Their ragged outer petals only add to their loveliness. They are triumphant roses, don't you think? They thrived despite unfavorable odds, and look how marvelous they are.
I know some people like that.

Off to the studio. Hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this post. I've been thinking about roses a lot this week. We have these marvelous October roses on the island that keep blooming even after the frost. They are inspiring me every day. Your friend Nora has the touch! xoxo G

  2. how well you write...how good your photographs are...

  3. you are making your desert outpost more and more inviting everyday! may not make it out there this wkend sadly but soon....definitely!

  4. By far my favorite color of roses.... light pink with notes of white .... so soothing!! LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! xo


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