Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anticipation Begets Wistfulness

{Open Studio Approaching, and Thinking of New York}

The house is *almost* ready for the strangers that will come here this weekend to look at my paintings.

The temperature plummeted more than twenty degrees last night; my tomatoes wilted and the bougainvillea simply sighed and relinquished their flowers to the 30 mph wind. But the cold weather is especially bad news for those last little touches I put on some paintings. They're barely just dry enough to hang.

Tsk-tsk, Lily. You've had months to prepare.  To prepare. To paint. To begin a life in the desert with a new husband. To learn how to be a wife. These things are all wrapped together, you see. So perhaps I should cut myself some slack.

I live in my house but I work in my studio. At this stage in my newly-married life I like to keep them separate. A girl needs her own space where she can make a mess and listen to Donna the Buffalo.  In my house I'm a loquacious, joyful person. When I'm in the studio I'm a private, studious person. The dogs get very serious in the studio, too. Dolly takes her place under the table, where she can be close to me without getting in in the way. Rescues can be like that. Needing to be near their person. Mac lies by the door to protect us all. Corgis can be like that. Watching their flock. They keep me good company while I work. So do my art books when I get stumped.

Before we were married I lived in New York City. I get secret pangs of missing it on autumn days like today, which doesn't take away from my devotion to the desert and my life out here, but still. I am thinking about New York today.

But this is no time to be wistful- there are paintings to be hung and baseboard to be dusted and prices to be decided upon. I wish you could come. It will be quite a joyous weekend. The weather will be warmer, and the paintings dry, and even the naked bougainvillea will be looking spry in the glorious desert sun. And I will be grateful to be able to be a painter, living in the desert, with the man I love and two very, very good dogs.


  1. procrastination the strangest creative tool!i can't live without it! good luck with your opening! OH do i hate when things are still blooming and vegetable still hang when the cold weather hits! I can't believe it is cold there since when i was going in may i was terrified of the heat!


  2. Wish I could come ... sounds lovely.

  3. Your opening is going to be fabulous. I am so envious of all the folks who get to go to it. xo

  4. you're going to have a great time lily!

  5. I *LOVE* your paintings! So happy to have found this blog, so I can vicariously live the desert life from a mountain top in Vermont...

  6. oh how i love this post--you are incredible lily girl. i am excited to see more from your studio and hear more of the things like this that make them go...


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