Friday, September 11, 2009

Part I: Animal

{Creatures at Green Valley Farm, Princeton, New Jersey}

During our trip back to the east coast P. and I spent two days visiting my parents on the farm. After struggling to keep a garden alive in the desert where water is so scarce it was a welcome shock to the senses to be plunged into a verdant world of lush gardens, rolling hay fields and apple orchards. I didn't wear shoes the entire visit; how wonderful to feel grass underfoot instead of sand! What I miss most about the farm though are the animals. Some are familiar faces, some are wild passersby.

From top to bottom: Dinah in the herb garden, Misty the old grey mare and two water buckets, bumblebee orgy on a sunflower, Nellie the farm dog catching a stick (P. shot this photo and threw the stick!), curious neighbor, black swallowtail caterpillar eating dill

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  1. Why hasn't anyone commented on what a fantastic pic the dog-jumping one is? It is a fantastic pic!!!!!!!


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