Friday, September 25, 2009

New Paintings!

{Two New Homestead Paintings}

Two new homesteads for my show at the end of October. The colorful one, which I'm calling "Lime Shack," is done. Finito. Moving on. The grey one, which I'm calling "Moonlight, Snow" is almost done. I'm hoping to do a series of at least thirty by the time Halloween rolls around. Which isn't going to happen. But I'm churning them out, one by one. You can read about the history of these desert curiosities in an older post here.

Lime Shack / 9 x 12 inches / oil on raised panel:


And more details. I like that the cobalt underpainting (or grisaille, if you want to be fancy) still shows through a little. It's like a visual trace of the workmanship that went into the painting. I wish "Moonlight, Snow" had the same amount of energy, but it'll just have to be something different.


We had a record-breaking blizzard in Joshua Tree last winter that dumped nearly two feet of snow in one day.  That night my still brand-new husband and I went for a middle-of-the-night walk down our road with the doggies to marvel at the snow in the desert. The moonlight on the new snow was so bright that we could make out colors, which is such a wonderment when it's dark outside. It was the first time we'd ever seen colors at midnight together, and I stored away the memory of that serene and otherworldly night for a painting some day...

Moonlight, Snow /  9 x 12 inches / oil on raised panel:

And nine months later, here it is. Almost. The shadows and highlights on the shack will look more "believable" if I neutralize the colors a little. And the creosote bushes could use a tiny bit of greenish-grey detail to give them the same character as the creosotes in "Lime Shack." One more hit of paint and this puppy will be ready to frame, photograph and store away until the show.

Well, have a wonderful weekend! We're going to a birthday party and the theme is, get this, jr. high dance. I might whip out my Laura Ashley corduroy romper and roll my party socks *if* P. is lucky.  Ciao, bellas!


  1. Gorgeous paintings and photo! Love the contrast with the orangey shoes.

  2. Love the difference in mood between these two paintings, Lily! You really caught the quiet of a snowy evening. How exciting to have a little "peek!"

    Jujubees indeed!


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