Monday, September 28, 2009

A Little Monday Morning Yee-Haw

{Woodcut Prints from Yee-Haw Industries}

I'm a sucker for anything hand-printed and I'd sell my soul to the devil for the whiskey-soaked voice of Lucinda Williams. So naturally I was beside myself when I unwrapped this long-in-the-works belated birthday present from my dearest friend Kate, courtesy of Yee-Haw Industries:

Yee-Haw is an old-school letterpress located in good ole Knoxville, Tennessee (which is also home to the best fried-green tomatoes I've ever had). The folks at Yee-Haw design, carve, set and print all their wares in a pain-staking process that requires a separate block for every color. Their work has such folk-art appeal in a letterpress world of increasingly computer-generated images and typeface. Check out their Etsy shop and see why I've got my knickers all in a knot over these babies.

Above: Another Lucindy poster I covet. I look at this and want to put on my boots and sing.

Below: I'd be cheating you if I didn't include this equally wonderful print of the Van Lear Rose, the Queen of Kentucky herself, Loretta Lynn. (If you aren't already familiar with it, check out her floor-stomping collaboration with Jack White of the White Stripes in which she's befittingly dressed like Glinda, the Good Witch of the South.)

And of course where would we be were it not for the First Lady of Country Music, the beauty queen who Don't Wanna Play House, Tammy Wynette. Fact: Tammy W. kept her beautician's license throughout her career just in case things didn't work out in music. Gotta love a girl with a backup plan.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend, and if you didn't catch up on rest hope you at least had a lot of FUN!


  1. ahhhh! so sorry it took you so long to get it but it will look perfect in your house! you have the best taste EVAH! love you!

  2. love this work...LOVE it! and me too lucinda williams and guess what? go and take a look over at my house when you get time..oh and send me your address (you should get something as soon as i return from paris...)

  3. I'm a woodcut/Lucinda fan, too! Imagine that! Your words over at my place were greatly appreciated. I've just spent some time on your blog and checking out your work... wow, Lily. Really amazing.

  4. That "possum" tatoo on L.L.'s arm does a lot for me. How fun!!!


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