Friday, September 11, 2009

Goldenrod Vignette

{Pictures from Islesford, Little Cranberry Isle, Maine}

We got back from our east coast ramble late last night, and as happy as I am to be back in our beloved desert (and see our doggies!) I do wish I had one more morning to wake up to the the sound of gulls greeting the lobster boats back to shore. And leftover blueberry pie for breakfast. And one more afternoon of exploring the island on old ten-speed bikes and picking goldenrod and Queen Anne's lace for the table. Ok, and maybe one more twilight on the back porch drinking beer after a hot shower, and, while I'm at it, one more evening of parlor games and laughter in front of a roaring fire. Ah, Maine. The inevitable longing to have just one more day with you.

from top to bottom: mussels on coast guard beach, galley kitchen in clayton's studio, the marsh, coast guard house, rope and wire fence outside shed, mexican tinwork and black-eyed-susans outside islesford artists gallery, lobster boat repair, hopie reading on the back porch, axe and lobster claw, bear island lighthouse, island posy of clover and queen anne's lace.


  1. this is my absolute favorite post as of yet!!!! i feel like i was there with you! welcome home, little lady! xo

  2. What a great photo montage! The desert missed you, as it misses the rain.

  3. thanks for your lovely comment lily. your posts are beautiful and your pics terrific. the jackrabbit homestead post made for great reading.

  4. My great aunt and uncle use to have a house on Isleford, it was always my favorite place in maine. It was a time warp then and judging by the photos not much has changed. Maine, the way life should be

  5. Thanks for the nice comment! Yep, Islesford is a magical kind of time-warp. When were you last there? The Dock is still the only eats in town, the islanders still put on plays at the Neighborhood House, and this year the schoolhouse has a whopping NINE students! Glad to share the Islesford memories :)


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