Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poultry Sweet

{The Chicken in B&W}

I recently came across New York photographer Jean Pagliuso's series of black and white portraits of chickens she calls "Poultry Suite." She prints them on handmade paper using a labor-intensive process involving a silver emulsion wash, which gives the the photographs a softness and formalism that reminds me of portraits of soldiers from the Civil War. Which is weird, because they're chickens. So there's this inherent irony in taking formal, old-timey portraits of these prized rare breeds of barnyard fowl. I can't decide if they're kitschy or if they're beautiful. Or both. But I'm quite taken with them either way.

Images courtesy of Jean Pagliuso

Tomorrow I'll post the second poultry-art installment: my giant chicken paintings...


  1. ohlalala, cherie! these look like your chickens but the remixed black and white version! awesome and very interesting post! xo

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  3. Great photography, they look like sketched. Keep up the good post!
    Brad Fallon


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