Friday, September 18, 2009

Cut. It. Out.

{The Good Kind of Papercut}

Happy Friday! Besides working on applications this weekend I'm hoping to catch up on some egregiously belated wedding presents we still haven't given our now-married friends {insert gasp of horror}. BUT I have a solution. Enter the DIY crowd-pleaser: The Papercut.

Growing up we had these bizarre 19th century black paper silhouettes of people with Dickens-worthy profiles hanging in our front hall. I have no idea if they were long-dead relatives or what, but my mom loved them and insisted on keeping them clustered together on the wall in their mismatched frames as if they were all talking to each other. Weird? My sisters and I certainly thought so. Was mom retro-hip and we just didn't know it? Possibly.

When I was living in New York I started making tiny silhouettes as presents for friends and ended up making papercut invitations for our wedding (the two pictures above). All you need is an exacto knife, some archival paper that won't fade and a ready supply of bandaids. Here are some samples of my wares that I made as presents for other peeps:

Above is a papercut Kate at La Petite Choue commissioned me to make as a wedding present for her now-married best friend from the camp they both went to as wee lassies. Bless This House is the first line in the camp prayer, and duly appropriate for the adorable bride and groom starting their new life together.

Here's a papercut I did for my silhouette-loving madre for mother's day. Iris, hollyhocks, corgyn, and all her daughters' names carved on a weeping willow. She was psyched.

But this is child's play compared to the fabulous work of Rob Ryan, who (along with my mom?) is responsible for making papercutting hip for the first time since Victrolas were cutting-edge technology. So with that in mind I'm hoping to get my exacto knife out this weekend and make some wedding prezzies. Enjoy, and have a fantastic weekend!


  1. these are incredible and honestly, that was the best gift i've ever given anyone. you amaze me!

  2. wow--you are amazing! so glad to have found you via how you found me! sign me up for all of it.

  3. My favorite thing about your cuts is the folk art element. I think you should do a series inspired by Tasha Toudor about country life!

    look at the paper cuts by this Japanese/French artist...incredible!

  4. These are incredible. I am so impressed. Absolutely beautiful!

  5. As the best friend of Kate from camp who was so lucky as to receive the Bless this House" cut out as a wedding gift, I have to echo that these are TRULY amazing. Thank you SO much Lily! I feel so honored to have a Stockman original in my home, and it is not only so meaningful, but also looks perfect hanging in my house! People comment on it all the time. You are so talented and I can't thank you enough!


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