Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Gil the beekeeper was selling his molten gold at the farmer's market on Saturday and I tried all his desert honeys- avocado (rich and buttery), buckwheat (molassesy- HEAVEN on fresh sourdough bread with a little butter), eucalyptus (slight medicinal scent, would be great in peppermint tea) orange blossom (light and sweet, perfect all-around honey), creosote (dark and pleasantly bitter with a funky zing to it)- and settled on this unfiltered jar of pure citrus blossom honey-avec-honeycomb from the Imperial Valley. Gil drives his hives all across southern CA depending on what flowering plant is in season, and farmers pay him to have his bees pollinate their crops.

P.'s dad kept bees for a number of years in their backyard and he still gets a broad smile on his face when he talks about the romantic agrarian tradition of keeping bees, and my aunt kept her "Italian lovers" in her backyard in downtown Providence (click here for an amusing NYTimes article about the growing practice of illegal urban beekeeping). Beekeeping, or, if you remember your SAT vocab words, apiculture, is something that really appeals to my farm wyfe sensibilities, but it's a real commitment, and the wide-spread problem of colony collapse disorder has me thinking I might wait until P. and I aren't traveling and moving around so much.

But the MOST important bit-o-honey of the day is that my dearest, darling ya-ya friend from Austin (whom I met studying abroad in Mongolia during college) is getting married (!), and she and her man are going to BEEKEEPING CAMP, no joke, where they can learn about making honey and starting their own apiary. This is one of the millions of reasons I love her (and her hubby)- forget the honeymoon in Hawaii; they want to spend their post-wedding bliss wearing bee suits and eating honeycomb in the Texas Hill Country. Yes, I want to go with them.

Now, off to the studio!


  1. mmmm...HONEY. Maybe if I hadn't been bustling about at 100 miles an hour, I would have found honey, too! You've reminded me not to be in such a hurry!

  2. Brilliant. Great writing.


    NOW I will go to beekeeping camp and become a BEEKEEPER.


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