Friday, August 14, 2009

Fleurs (Happy Friday)


The 112 degree desert temps seem to have subsided for the most part and already it seems as if the wind-battered, oven-blasted plants here are perking up. I feel a renewed energy, too, and can't wait to get over to the studio to work on a painting for an upcoming group show at the 29 Palms Gallery, which I'll post about next week. Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend! Below are some shots of what's looking peppy at the moment:

Cosmos from the heavenly Joshua Tree farmer's market (Saturdays downtown, 8am-noon)

Squash seedlings (see this pic on my favorite daily L.A. design blog La Petite Choue!)

Fern-leaf lavender (which I've had great success with in the extreme hi-dez temperatures)

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